Feeling nostalgic? Take a look at the 20 in 1 Gameboy Advance Console

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I think everyone can agree that the Gameboy Advance was a fantastic console. From its first release to the updated SP version it felt good, looked good and played brilliantly.

Well now you can revisit the fun at Toms Gifts and Gadgets with the GB32 handheld Gameboy Advance console. It comes with 20 of the best Gameboy Advance games so if you fancy Super Mario Advance it's there, Sonic Genesis, boom, Advance Wars 2 - hell yeah. There is so much gaming goodness on this handheld it is ridiculous.

The one complaint many people had with the Gameboy Advance iterations was the screen. The screen on the GB32 is fantastic - it's bright and colourful and these games have never looked so good.

Whilst the console doesn't take carts it does have an SD card slot, so if you have a bunch of Gameboy Advance roms the possibilities are endless.

The GB32 also allows you to play all these classics on your TV with the use of the AV cable included. If you buy the version with the infrared controller you can use it purely as a home console.

The GB32 is available here:



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