Atari Jaguar - A hidden classic?

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So the Atari Jaguar hey, the first 64 bit console. I recently picked one of these up just to see what it was like and what it was all about. I'd always liked the design of the Jaguar and it does look like a very sleek and cool console and it also feels like a nice piece of equipment. It's solid, it's sturdy and it has 'that' controller.


The jaguar controller - many, many buttons

The Jaguar controller took a lot of criticism on release, probably from many who had never used it. It was criticised as being complex which to an extent is true but in this day and age of controllers with tons of buttons and triggers it's probably not that bad. I'm not going to say this is the best controller in the world but it is certainly not as bad as many make out and it feels quite nice in the hand, however game overlays for the middle button section are a must. Once you start playing though you soon forget about the layout and just crack on with the games.

That brings me nicely on to the games. 64 bit eh, well not quite the same 64 bit that we got from the N64 and a lot of the games were 16 bit ports that didn't really maximise its potential. However, there are a few decent games to try, Raiden, Tempest 2000, a bizarre Double Dragon fighter, a nice port of Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, the immortal Cannon Fodder, Flashback and the mighty Alien vs Predator to name but a few (well actually there were only a few). There are a few real stinkers on the sytem, Kasumi Ninja comes to mind, and there are some real expensive title for the sytem - I'm looking at you Atari Karts, you're just that bit out of my price range dammit.

I wouldn't go as far as to recommend the Jag but if you get chance to play with one then give it a go and see what you think of the controller. It's much better than some of the consoles that came out around that time, ahem Mega CD.


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