You wanted a home console with SD compatibility and now you have one

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So here at Tom's Retro Shack we've been busy listening to our customers needs and a number of you have been wanting a home console with an SD card slot to put your many roms on. Well tada!! We've just taken stock of the awesome H&B Megadrive console.

It comes with 20 games built in which are great and play great but the big bonus is the SD card slot where you can add all your Megadrive roms. The big deal with this is that the amount of games you have on the system is pretty much limitless (well up to the limit of Megadrive games that were released). Just create a folder called game on your SD card and stick all your roms in .bin format into the folder. Easy as that. If that isn't easy enough for you then just add an SD card with it and we'll do the rest.

It comes with two wireless controllers but has the ability to also take wired Megadrive controllers and to be perfectly honest wired controllers are much better as these are infrared controllers which mean you need to be in line of sight of the console.

It has composite TV connections so be sure that your TV either has this connection or that you have a scart adapter to connect to your TV.

The console itself is also incredibly tiny meaning it takes up no space at all under your tv. It's roughly the size of say an Android TV box or Apple TV but a bit fatter. 

It's a great item to play your old games on if you're not into buying a ton of carts of games you used to have and you can now get it here.


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