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Missed out on the NES Classic?

Craving retro-gaming goodness without the bulk or cost of consoles or games?

Then RetroPiePad is for you!

Built into a genuine Nintendo NES controller, the RetroPiePad houses a RaspberryPi Zero micro computer running Retropie (a freeware operating system) allowing you to play thousands of retro games from the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gamegear, Mastersystem, Megadrive (Genesis), SNES and Atari2600.

The NES control pad is the console, but also the controller, and is set up for all consoles listed above. It also comes with a USB SNES pad to play those all important Megadrive and SNES games and this just plugs in to the Retropie Pad.

Plug and play, this is all set up ready to go! Plugs into your TVs HDMI input and usb slot for power to play all your favourite retro games in HD on your modern TV.

Package includes:
- RetroPiePad console/controller
- 2m HDMI-mini HDMI lead
- 2m USB-mini-USB lead
- SNES USB game controller
- 8gb Kingston microSD card fully set up with thousands of games

As this includes the front from an original NES pad it may contain a few marks and scratches.

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