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Revo K101 Plus Handheld Gameboy Advance Console |

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Purchase with an SD card and get almost every NES, Master System, Game Gear, Gameboy and Gameboy Colour game ever made!!
The Revo K101 Plus can play Gameboy Advance carts and the following roms:
  • NES
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Colour
  • Master System
  • Game Gear 

  • Stunning backlit 3 inch screen
  • Play your Gameboy Advance cart collection
  • Rom support
  • Micro SD support
  • USB charging
  • TV out cable included
The REVO K101 Plus, is a modern day video gaming system with a somewhat classic and familiar handheld experience to retro gamers everywhere. The console has been designed from the ground up to be a clone of the great classic Game Boy Advance and features a stunning back lit 3 inch screen with 5 levels of brightness.

It is compatible with original games, link cables and accessories. It does feature some modern day enhancements though, such as an LED backlit screen, digital ROM file support, USB charging and micro SD support. It also includes a TV-out cable for use in a TV.

Play thousands of classic games from the 8-Bit era with the K-CARD emulator pack for digital ROM and homebrew games.

Just pop the files onto a micro SD memory card (up to 32GB) and load up from the in built file browser menu system using the K-Card. You can customise display, sound and button configurations, to enhance your personal gaming experience with these iconic and classic games.
In the box, you will find a composite TV-out cable for connecting the REVO K101 Plus handheld to a TV or monitor. The video outputs at 640 x 480 pixels and you can choose between NTSC or PAL video feed.

What’s In Box?
• 1x mini-USB Cable for charging
• 1x Revo K101
• 1x 2.5 mm AV-Out Cable
• 1x USB AC Adapter (requires US to UK plug however charging can just be via USB)
• 1x K-Card

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