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Woodi Advance FAQ

These are some questions we often get regarding our Woodi Advance console.

Why does my screen look scratched?

You screen comes with a plastic screen protector on it. This isn't supposed to remain on (unless you want to of course). Once removed your screen will look perfect.

The screen is really dim or flickering and I can't see anything

This is often caused by batteries low on power. Once replaced the screen usually becomes its bright and vibrant self.

Can I add my own games?

Unfortunately with this console you can't add your own games.

There's no volume switch. How do I turn it up and down?

Now this is a little trick. If you hold select and press up or down on the d-pad it will turn the console up or down.

Can you save games with this handheld?

Yes you can. As long as the game you're playing supports savings then you can save away.



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