Tom's Retro Shack

Hi guys, we are now closed for Christmas and won't be reopening until the 1st January. If you have an issue then feel free to email and we will reply upon our return. Also take a look at the FAQ's listed below Q. I've ordered an item that I want to return A. Please return your item in brand new, unopened and unused condition to: T Royle Tom's Retro Shack Ltd 10 Dene Park Huddersfield HD8 0XJ Please include your order number and reason for return and whether you would like a replacement or refund. Q. The screen on my handheld looks scratched A. In the majority of cases it will just have a screen protector on that needs removing. Once removed the screen will be pristine Q. My console isn't powering on or showing on my TV A. Please ensure everything is plugged in correctly, the HDMI/AV cables are connected correctly and that the TV is set to the correct channel. If it's a console that takes carts please blow carts and console and reinsert a few times. Q. My GB Boy colour is just showing a white screen. A This usually happens when batteries are weak on charge. Please use fully charged batteries. Q. My Megadrive Everdrive isn't working A. Go into settings and change the genny3 option and try again Q. My handheld isn't working correctly. A. Please ensure it is fully charged. If it isn't charging correctly please ensure that the battery is seated in the battery compartments correctly and try again. Q. My N64 Everdrive isn't working correctly A. Download the files from this link, unzip them, and then add them to the root of you SD card and try again. Also, make sure you have some games on there. Have a great Christmas Thanks, Tom's Retro Shack