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Nintendo NES Classic Edition and Wii U Edge Joystick |

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Enhance your NES Classic play with the Edge joystick. Playing your favorite vintage games is even more rewarding with the turbo fire power of this joystick, which lets you play on-screen action in slow motion. The Edge joystick comes with a cheat book filled with tips and passwords for all NES Classic games.

Arcade joystick for your console
The NES Classic Edition comes with only one game pad, so this joystick will be great addition to your gaming experience.

Turbo fire with customizable intensity
Gives you the power you need to win. Built-in smart programming allows you to customize the intensity level.

Slow motion button
Slows the action on screen that simplifies hard levels pass.

Cheat code book
Includes secret tips or game unlock passwords with console games.

Compatible with NES Classic Edition
So you can enjoy playing with friends or by yourself.

Included Items

  • EMiO The Edge Joystick for NES Classic Edition
  • Interchangeable bat joystick top
  • Cheat code book

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