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Sega Master System Power Strike 2 Custom Cart |

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This is a PAL custom cart with a UK shell so will work on all UK Master Systems. Comes with extremely high quality custom box. This game was yet another Brazilian exclusive so is extremely rare to see on the Master System in a PAL box.

Power Strike II for the Sega Master System is an overhead shoot-'em-up developed by Compile which acts as a sequel to Power Strike. It is not to be confused with "Power Strike II" for the Game Gear, which despite the identical name, developer and year of release, is an entirely different game, being a localization of GG Aleste II instead.

Power Strike II takes place in an alternative past, fusing 1930s aircraft with futuristic technology seen in other Compile shooters. It was only released in PAL regions.

The case is an original Master System case and the cart shell is an original Master System shell. As we use original parts to create these games cases may not close properly or have slight damage or sticker marks due to their age.

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