Sega Master System Sonic Triple Trouble Custom Cart |

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This is a PAL custom cart with a UK shell so will work on all UK Master Systems. Comes with extremely high quality custom box. This game was only ever released on the Game Gear so is extremely rare to see on the Master System.

Dr. Robotnik managed to capture all of the Chaos Emeralds, but an accident in the testing phase of his new ultimate weapon, the "Atomic Destroyer", scatters the Emeralds all across the island. While Sonic and Tails are out to retrieve them, they are cut short by Knuckles the Echidna. Robotnik finds the yellow Emerald first, and dupes Knuckles into believing Sonic and Tails are out to steal the Emeralds.

Additionally, a treasure hunter named Nack the Weasel takes advantage of the fact that they are all distracted with fighting one another, in order to take the Emeralds for himself. He does not know of the power of the Emeralds, only that they'd be worth a lot of money, so he sets out to take them for himself before the others do.

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